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JERK had its world premiere at The Hive NYC and ran from August 24th — September 2nd, 2017.


James claims to be a sex addict. Elizabeth isn't so sure. What they do know is that neither one of them is alright. What appears to be a play about the contemptuous relationship between a patient and his doctor, devolves into madness after a sudden change in everyone's circumstances, ending in a nightmarish frenzy of self-medicating. JERK is a psychological drama about the state of monogamy in burgeoning adults. A nightmare that lies somewhere between an expressionistic dream sequence, and a series of worn out memories.


A List of Irrational Fears

for Future Leaders of the World

Fears takes place over eleven years, as Kenrick (a man who claims to be "aphobic") and Jorja (a woman feigning as a "manic depressive pixie dream girl") learn to live together in the college town of Blacksburg, while selfishly destroying the scary unknown that is twenty-something life through vocalizing lists of possible things to be afraid of. Fears is a dark investigation of the power of fear, the state of trust in a youthful world, and the inane mental responses to tragedy.

Fears had its world premiere as part of the 2014 Frigid Festival at the Kraine Theatre in NYC and won the Audience Choice Award. The original production ran from February 22nd—March 1st.

PRESS: Review from Theatre is Easy

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