CHIMERA is a thriller with touches of folk horror and family drama, that asks the question: “How far would you go to protect a family you threw away?”


17 years ago, Mallory ran away from home and created a new identity, June. Now she finds herself returning home to confront a mysterious doppelgänger who’s assumed her old identity.


June leaves behind her nuclear family in Ottawa to secretly return to her hometown of Roanoke Virginia, after hearing the news that someone has emerged claiming to be Mallory. Once in town, things are worse than they seemed – the doppelgänger is a carbon copy with odd behavior that appears to threaten the safety of June’s original family. June is forced to work with her high school ex-boyfriend to uncover who, or what, the doppelgänger really is. 

***Feb 2021 — Advanced to the Quarter-Finalist round in the WeScreenplay Feature Contest


END OF DAY is an atmospheric horror film that explores what would happen if The Shining and Groundhog's Day had a baby who was stuck in a dead-end office job. 


Paul keeps reliving the same crummy day of work over and over again. But when Paul accidentally falls asleep at his desk, he wakes to find he’s broken the Mobius Strip and made it to tomorrow. Paul’s new plan is to stay in his office building indefinitely, triggering an invisible evil to do whatever it takes to force him outside, thus re-starting the loop.

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Image by Aurélien Aries

5 pages | Drama/Suspense

When CPR dummies start disappearing, one trainer embraces a sudden change in his home life.



Image by Tim Bish
The Object of My Confections

12 pages | Animation/Comedy

A chocolatier's near-perfect proposal plan goes awry when a lovesick preteen steals his engagement ring.



Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

5 pages | SciFi/Drama

A factory worker attempts to keep the human element in her workspace, while the company is hellbent on erasing it.