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 Scripted Audio Drama 

The Grayscale

Co-Creator / Writer / Director / Producer 

An anthology series in the vein of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, The Grayscale evaluates the spectrum of human behavior, with varying and chilling results. These original radio plays explore justice based on our actions, in a world where the laws of science are skewed. Each episode introduces us to new characters and worlds, often magical or supernatural in nature. 

31 Total episodes   |   11 Written   |    14 Directed


  • 2016 Serling Award — Rod Serling Memorial Foundation

  • Winner of 5 AudioVerse Awards

  • Broadcasted by the Ohio NPR Affiliate WCBE as part of the program "Midnight Audio Theatre" in October 2017

PRESS: "Audio Drama Sunday: The Grayscale, A Conversation
with Andrew Kaberline"

Full Episodes & Scripts

Now, Back to Your Scheduled Programming

The world’s last female robotics engineer is faced with a dilemma when her newest creation doesn’t behave the way it was programmed to.

00:00 / 15:38

Jess Dempsey,

First Woman on Mars

The first astronaut on Mars must learn to live in complete solitude, but finds she might not be as alone as she thought.

00:00 / 18:53

The Music Box Will Play for as Long as You Wind It

Three scientists at a dig site in Antarctica attempt to achieve a childhood dream: discovering the Fountain Of Youth.

00:00 / 19:08
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 Other Podcasts 
Much Ado about Wrestling

Producer/Co-Host, 2017-Present

The show that teaches you how to appreciate the theatrical world of professional wrestling! Hosted by Andrew Kaberline and Tyler Ward.

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HarperAudio Presents

Host/Interviewer, 2017-2019

The podcast that celebrates all-things Audiobooks – Whether we're chatting with authors and narrators, playing games and giving away prizes, or sharing clips of the best new audiobooks, HarperAudio Presents aims to highlight the fun in the world of audiobooks.

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sns (1).jpg
Sunday Night Supper

Host/Writer/Producer, 2014-2017

Sunday Night Supper was a storytelling and radio documentary podcast  where a group of friends, acquaintances, and strangers gathered to cook a meal and share true stories based around a theme.

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