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Andrew Kaberline

Screenwriter | Producer



I write stories that live somewhere on the Venn diagram between “scary” and “heartwarming.”

I excel at writing surreal horror, touching genre fare, and anxiety-driven nightmares. I believe a good script should provide more questions than answers. Influences includes Rod Serling, Jeff Nichols, Ari Aster, Billy Wilder, and Wong Kar-wai.

My scripts have been produced, staged, published, and broadcast. I won the HollyShorts Screenplay Contest and the ScreenCraft Animation Competition. I’ve had multiple scripts appear on the Coverfly Red List.

I grew up in Virginia, live in New York, and root for Chicago sports teams. I love Criterion films, Pro Wrestling, and Survivor equal amounts. I embrace my role as Cat Dad. I’ve worked in script coverage, publishing, hotels, and basketball officiating. I blow all my money on fancy poker chips and loud keyboards.

My childhood dream was to be a game show host.

My artistic dream is to write rewatchable high-concept & (mostly) low-budget

films that prompt audiences to flock to Reddit to share their fan theories.

My ultimate dream is to confidently and truthfully introduce myself as
“Andrew Kaberline, screenwriter," full-time, full stop.



Feb 2024

Dummy screens opening night of Love Your Shorts Film Fest in Sanford, FL.

Feb 2024

Tallahassee Twin is a Quarter-Finalist in the Killer Shorts Short Screenplay Competition.

Feb 2024

NYC Midnight publishes interview about Dummy's journey from script to the screen.

Dec 2023

End of Day is a Quarter-Finalist in the ScreenCraft Horror Competition.

Oct 2023

Dummy is nominated for Best Recurring Nightmare at the 2023 Nightmare Film Festival.

Aug 2023

Dummy premieres opening night at the HollyShorts Film Festival at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.



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