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Andrew Kaberline

Screenwriter | Producer



I write stories that live somewhere on the Venn diagram between “scary” and “heartwarming.”

I excel at writing surreal horror, touching genre fare, and anxiety-driven nightmares. I believe a good script should provide more questions than answers. Influences includes Rod Serling, Jeff Nichols, Ari Aster, Billy Wilder, and Wong Kar-wai.

My scripts have been produced, staged, published, and broadcast. I won the HollyShorts Screenplay Contest and the ScreenCraft Animation Competition. I’ve had multiple scripts appear on the Coverfly Red List.

I grew up in Virginia, live in New York, and root for Chicago sports teams. I love Criterion films, Pro Wrestling, and Survivor equal amounts. I embrace my role as Cat Dad. I’ve worked in script coverage, publishing, hotels, and basketball officiating. I blow all my money on fancy poker chips and loud keyboards.

My childhood dream was to be a game show host.

My artistic dream is to write rewatchable high-concept & (mostly) low-budget

films that prompt audiences to flock to Reddit to share their fan theories.

My ultimate dream is to confidently and truthfully introduce myself as
“Andrew Kaberline, screenwriter," full-time, full stop.



May 2024

Dummy screens in NYC at the Coney Island Film Fest & Inwood Film Fest


End of Day is a quarterfinalist in the 2024 ScreenCraft Fellowship 

Feb 2024

Tallahassee Twin is a Quarter-Finalist in the Killer Shorts Short Screenplay Competition.

Feb 2024

NYC Midnight publishes interview about Dummy's journey from script to the screen.

Dec 2023

End of Day is a Quarter-Finalist in the ScreenCraft Horror Competition.

Aug 2023

Dummy premieres opening night at the HollyShorts Film Festival at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.



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