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I'm Andrew Kaberline, a writer hailing from Clifton, Virginia and now living in New York City. I'm a man of pretty distinct interests. When I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. I said, "A game show host." I love useless trivia and I'm a big fan of the arts—both high and low. Right now I have subscriptions for both The Criterion Channel and the WWE Network. I know just as much about Alfred Hitchcock as I do about Jeff Probst.


While studying Theatre & Cinema at Virginia Tech, I thought I wanted to be a multi-hyphenate. I was focused on acting, but also writing, producing, directing and live storytelling. After graduating, podcasting became my big thing. I worked with WNYC/Radio Rookies, teaching middle schoolers to make radio documentaries. But at a certain point, I realized that writing brought me the most joy. I've since shifted my focus entirely to that. All of my free time now is dedicated to writing specs, doing part-time script coverage for Particular Crowd, and finding success competing in screenwriting contests. Keep track of my progress in the "Updates" section below.


I’m currently focused on screenplays, though I’ve also written for stage and radio. I write stories that live somewhere on a Venn diagram between “scary” and “heartwarming.” Thematically, I like exploring memory and nostalgia. My characters regularly obsess over trying to return to a time or a place that no longer exists. Stylistically, I focus on economy of dialogue while creating realistic worlds that encounter one element of whimsy or magic.
Big influences include Jeff Nichols, Rod Serling, and Wong Kar-wai. 


Examples of my work across screen, stage and radio.